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by martingbutler@outlook.com

If my writing and videos are about anything, they are about inner freedom. This is not easily gained because emotions, desires, and thought patterns maintain us in an inner bondage. Freedom is, after all, freedom from oneself, so it’s going to be difficult.

Having worked for many years in the Gurdjieff tradition, and having known someone who worked with Gurdjieff, I learned a few things. I’ve also practised with people in the Zen tradition, and more recently, have taken a keen interest in some of the western philosophers, namely Spinoza and Kant, in the main.

In practical terms, the road to inner freedom is simple to understand but devilishly difficult to do: we observe and understand. We need observation to gather data about our inner life, and we apply understanding to lessen the grip our emotions, desires, and thoughts have on us. The more we understand a thing, the less power it has over us.

This kind of thing doesn’t interest many people. They are happy to skip along the surface while things are going well, and then wonder “why me” when they don’t. The material here is introductory in nature. If you want more depth, then sign up to Patreon, and for those who want to do some in-depth personal work, mentoring is available from a few others involved in this work.

I can be reached at info@martingbutler.com.