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Hell on Earth

by martingbutler@outlook.com

I’ve had occasion recently to visit someone I know who was staying at an upmarket hotel not too far away. We went down to the snack bar located near the pool and got a good view of the misery of mundane human existence.

The first experience came from overhearing some English people sparring with each other over the value of their properties. It was nothing more than an attempt to establish dominance. The conversation seemed to become quite desperate and bitter, but it all took place with painted smiles. There didn’t seem to be an outright winner, and I doubt they will meet again simply because neither of the couples could establish dominance and neither was willing to act in a subservient manner. You should know that property inflation in the United Kingdom has resulted in many people not being able to afford a home. It’s nothing more than one generation screwing the next generation.

A little later, two young kids got involved in a bit of an altercation. For all the couples that were totally bored with each other, this provided a useful source of entertainment. The dour, bored expressions turned to ones of delight as something nearer to real human nature manifested. One old couple, who had been doing their absolute best to pretend they were enjoying a bottle of wine with some low grade food, suddenly became totally engrossed by the event unfolding before them. It was as if the gods had lifted them out of their total boredom with each other and had given them something to enjoy and talk about.

Various people were laid out in the sun with downturned mouths, giving away a basic unhappiness. If they didn’t get a tan, they wouldn’t be able to tell everyone what a brilliant holiday they had had in their five star luxury hotel. There were, of course, younger people who clearly worked out in the gym, and they strutted their stuff around the pool and bar area, expecting eyes to be on them. Many of them, however, were obese, snoozing in the sun.

The overall impression was one of human misery and futile attempts by people to make themselves happy regardless of whether they were or not.

The kids that were scrapping were the most real part of the experience, and by the level of interest it generated, I think most people acknowledged that fact. The rest of it was nothing more than people following a formula that society has created to convince them that it is all worthwhile. The saddest part of the whole thing is that many people save all year and think of nothing else but their annual holiday because the rest of their life is so dull. Maybe the hotel should organize some boxing or wrestling contests. The people bragging about the value of their properties might want to express their desire to dominate more openly by punching each other in a boxing ring.

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